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Here's what our customer's are saying...

"I took herbs for a painful back and when I was drinking the tea. I felt the pain go right out of back. I feel 100% better."

          John - Bridgeport, CT

"I drank herbs in conjunction with Acupuncture treatments because I was having infertility problem for years. My son is now fours year old, thanks HERBFOREST.COM"                

          Vicky - New Haven, CT

"I was never diganoseed with allergies but in the last few years, when spring comes to New England my eyes get very itchy, I become congested with nasal drip. TIME TO CALL herbforest.com"

         Roslyn - New Haven, CT

"After drinking the herbal energy tea, my eighty year old mother has more energy and is able to go to the mall without being worn out.
           Dave - Branford, CT

"I am a firm beliver in chinese herbal medicine.  In the past, I have called on John's knowledge to help me in health problems. Each time the herbs that were given to me by John have helped my situation.  If I could tell everyone else that is considering chinese herbal medicine, you have to give it time.  However, in the longrun your reward will be great and beneficial."

          Ken - Plainfield, NJ